Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Watched Pot Never Boils

This blog will be posted some time after it was written due to an outside directive to not talk about my living donor experience until after I have donated.  If you are reading this, it is because I have completed the donation process.
March 15, 2011

Or does it?
Did your mom ever say that "watched pot" line to you as a kid? I heard it a few times although was always a bit skeptical about the physics behind what I thought was my mother's theory. In case you have been living under a rock, the idea behind the advice is that if you want to heat water until it boils, and you watch it while you wait, then it seems to take a very long time. Walk away and it will happen. As a teenager I learned the same logic applied to the phone, especially if I was waiting/hoping for the hunky lacrosse player at school to call.  As much as I stared at the dusty rose phone in my room (my mom made sure it matched the colour scheme), I could not use my mental powers to make it ring, and the staring seemed to have little to no impact on the phones ability to start ringing.  Go figure.

Here I am, 20 years later (yikes), staring at my office phone, wondering if its ever going to ring with a (403) 944 number with kidney news. On occasion I've picked up my iPhone and check to see if it had a message waiting for me.  Nothing. Yesterday morning I was lying in bed thinking about my week ahead and I wondered if this would be the week I found out my fate (or the fate of one of my kidneys). In the past, writing a blog post has seemed to prompt movement in the testing process when I was starting to get impatient so maybe this will work?  Ha! 

I've been tempted to call or email but I know that something is holding them up and calling isn't going to change that.  Whether Dr. N is mulling over my "nephrological suitability", someone who needs to read something in my file is away or if the lab test results are in the mail, I need to wait. It would be nice to receive a "Hey-we haven’t forgotten about you" call that let's me know where things are but I do understand they are busy. 

Being a "planner", I'm just looking ahead to the summer, vacations (Kelowna and Louisiana) and wondering (read: worrying) if I am able to proceed with donating, how it will impact plans we've already started to make. That and my mom keeps asking, every time we talk or email.  I guess I should just tell her a watched pot never boils.

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  1. I know exactly how this feels right now!