Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I knew this would eventually happen-the blogging would slow down. Part of the reason is that I've been busy with other things (work, life, mostly work) and partly because I've had a bit of writers block this week. Not just when it comes to the blog. I really want to get my "kidney" book project started and although I've been given tips on how to get it out to publishers, there is a bit of work to do first and that part has my wheels spinning.

I also have a kidney related website in the works. By in the works I mean completely laid out in my head and somewhat laid out on a piece of paper. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to buy a website in a box kind of a solution or build the site from scratch and use the web hosting service I inadvertently bought a years worth of. Despite the fact that I am an eCommunications strategist by day, I seem to be tripping myself up on this one. Probably because my heart is in it way too much and I want the end result to have some legs to it.  Anyway I've given myself till the end of the Thanksgiving weekend to make a choice and get the content built. I'm hoping to launch it end of October - a fitting way to celebrate the one year anniversary of kicking this whole "kidney thing" off.

I do have some posts coming up but for several reasons they are better suited for October. In one case I'm waiting for another living donor wannabe to have one of their appointments, so they can tell me what a certain process they had to go through but I didn't, was all about. And later in the month Canada will be adding another non-directed donor to its ranks (yay!) so I'm hoping to relay some of her experiences (especially because hers are also going to be a little different than mine leading up to the surgery).

So there you have it. I know-not the most interesting post but in some ways that's a good thing. It means my life is pretty much back to normal. It occurred to me the other day, I've stopped having phantom pains for the most part. Only when my personal trainer at boot camp is feeling a little ab crazy so I get any kind of pain in my stomach and its more of a slight switch. I can eat pretty much everything and I can now drink three drinks (vs the previous two) in an evening without a hangover the next day. And while my energy isn't quite 100%, its pretty close. So I'm normal. Minus Leftie.It still does seem strange to be that life is as normal as it is less than four months later. I don't know what I thought it would be like but normal seems weird. But I'm health, happy and other than the scar, all is the same. All is very normal.