Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Six Months Later

Here we are...six months later (just about-tomorrow is the actual anniversary). To be completely honest it seems like a lifetime ago now-a big blur of tests, tests and more tests, a little drama and finally an operation.

Obviously by my lack of posts, you can make the assumption that no news is good news. I am healthy. My 3-4 month check up revealed that my pep talks to Righty have not gone unnoticed and she is functioning at a level doctors would consider good if I had two kidneys. My cholesterol is low, my BP is on average about 15PT lower than it was before and to top it off I am healthier, having lost (in a healthy way) about 20-25lbs. My nephrologist was impressed (yes he used that word)-he said I was ahead of the game. I feel good most of the time. When I do get extra tired, it does feel like I'm a little more tired than I would have been under the same circumstances before the surgery. But that is rare so I can't complain. Next check up at the one year mark.

I do wonder about Leftie and how he is doing, or more importantly how his new owner is doing. I hope with everything in my that the surgery was a success and Leftie and his new home are getting along okay. I've thought about writing an anonymous letter (which the program could send through on my behalf) but I'm still at a loss how to get past the opening line.  Erin, who also recently donated her kidney in a non-directed donation (aka Jessi in earlier posts) wrote a letter to her recipient that I may just borrow. With permission of course. She managed to get passed the opening line (and she is doing awesome in her recovery!).

I've also been approached to work on a collaborative, volunteer project to promote and provide resources about living donation.  More to come on that one but it is something I am really excited about.

In other news, my e-friend Kerry Mortimer recently wrote about the power of social media, my donation and Erin's donation (which the Globe and Mail covered as it was #100 in the LDPE program!) on her sister's kidney website (check out the article here). It is a good look at how small social media can make our world. I remember way back during the blog talks with my friends at Foothill's someone said "the kidney community is very small". The fact is...its a very large community but I will concede that social media makes that community much more accessible and easier to connect.  There is also another great article on her site about another prospective donor and why he decided to get tested. I shared so many of his emotions as I was going through the process; I could really relate to his story.

I know I've been ignoring the blog a bit as of late. I'll have to give some thought as to what is newt for "To Make  A Choice". Until then, here's to Leftie and Righty, and the last six months!