Monday, November 15, 2010

Coming Around

This past weekend when the timing was right I mentioned to Charlie that while I understood his concern and anger around my decision to look into a living donation, it really upset me that I felt like I needed to sneak around when it comes to this subject. He's the most important person to me and its sad that I can't share even some of my thoughts, questions and fears about the process. With our chat,  I feel like we had a bit of a breakthrough.  He listened and while he wasn't exactly open and supportive, I was able to give him a handful or facts and ideas to think about.  Later in the evening he was randomly mocking some of the opening lines and kidney donation facts which again shows me he may be more open to the idea or at least is thinking about it, trying to understand my decision. 
It's very interesting to me that people have such diverse reactions.  The Globe and Mail article I have linked to the right of my blog under "Interesting Links" mentioned that the husband of the living donor in that story had a very similar initial reaction to his wife's choice as Charlie had.  In the story, the husband comes around by the time the surgery rolls around-so that gives me hope.  I was also interested to read (I can't remember if it was the same article) that in some cases, a few potential recipients do not want a living strangers kidney because they "feel bad" taking it from a stranger.  However I think they are the minority.  From what I understand dialysis is pretty nasty and I would think after a few years of it you'd be willing to take any functioning kidney!

On a side note I've emailed my brother with the news and am looking for his advice as to when/how to tell Mom in order to worry her the least.  No word yet from him....