Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watching Time Fly

I've had a lot going on lately hence the no posting. It's also meant I delayed getting my three month blood tests done till I was virtually at the fourth fifth month mark Let's split the difference at four and a half months.

I headed up to Foothills for the test although any lab would have done. I like the Foothills lab in the South Tower though. You never have to wait more than  5 minutes-at many of the other labs I've been to even with an appointment delays occur. Foothills I can walk in and poof...I'm in the next three people seen. They are just nicer there too. I don't know if its because they are used to more living donor patients (and recipients) but you are treated much more like a person there than at the other labs.

I haven't been to Foothills since my post surgery check up[ in late June. I really had a feeling of returning to the "scene of the crime" I found it funny how smells, signs and people I saw (like lab techs) brought back all the feelings and thoughts from when I was going through the testing period. Something felt anticlimactic in these test though. I care about the results-good results mean I am healthy and Righty is doing a good job. But before the donation the same tests seemed so much more important, like so much hinged on each drop of blood they drew. It is hard to explain. It was also strange looking at "kidney Donor" on my lab forms, instead of "possible kidney donor". Different doctor ordering the tests too-one I've never met or heard of. No more Dr S. I haven't talked to him in months either-time just moves on right?

Back to the tests: they told me when they sent the forms they were optional and that a copy would go to both my family doctor and a nephrologist (the weird name on the form). I can confirm nothing has gone to my family doctor EVER despite all assurances along the way that results would be shared. I went for my annual check up this year and she knew NOTHING about my donation. She got more than she bargained for when she asked casually "So...what's happened in the last year". I let her know about the kidney donation. What surprised me a little (and honestly was kind of nice) was that there was no fuss, no blinking, no questions. She simply asked if I was okay and was the recipient. I said I'm fine and let her know why I had no idea about the recipient. She didn't even raise an eyebrow-just said good for you and asked me which side so she could put it in the computer. Her only other comment about the subject was to let me know I could put vitamin E on the scar as long as it was still pinkish purple but when it turns white, don't bother. And she gave me her fax number to increase her odds of receiving future test results.

I did receive a call from the Living Donor program. Very strange to see a 403-944-.... number flash on the call display. They let me know I had the option of meeting with the nephrologist this time around to go over results. I hope that this doesn't mean anything bad. I did get the feeling it was optional but the fact that you traditionally don't learn test results unless there is a problem has me a smidge worried. But on the same note, it is within the realm of "normal" right now not to have 100% kidney function. Righty is still growing and catching up in her duties as uni-kidney. We'll see. I booked something for the end of the month-if anything I'd like to see what they have to say overall.

Otherwise for the most part I'm feeling good. My blood pressures been on the low side lately but I'm not sure what is causing that (it isn't the kidney thing-if anything that should make it higher than normal). If I still am feeling symptoms of low blood pressure at the appointment, I'll let them know.

I'm getting close to the first year anniversary of this all starting. On the eve of my 36th birthday all I can say is "Time Flies". It really does. Epically fast. Although I know several times in the last year I'd have begged to differ.