Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Living Gift: Kidney Donation

bows,gifts,packages,presents,ribbons,special occasionsI received my package in the mail yesterday.  I was actually pretty excited which might seem a little strange-it was like getting the new Ikea catalogue or that book you've been waiting for from  I knew however that opening it front of the boyfriend (we'll call him Charlie) would not have been the best way to start the weekend after the week from hell at work so I was patient.  He eventually went to have a shower so I had time to read everything.
Getting the package did make it seem much more real and frankly a little more scary.  I think at this point its all the logistics that are worrying me like how much notice would I have to give work, when am I going to be able to bring this up to Charlie and also what if I am not healthy enough and get rejected. It is kind of motivating me to start back into exercising more often although truthfully I am not sure where to start with that either.
 I completed the forms-I will fax them back on Monday from work.  I am debating whether or not I bounce the idea of of John, my boss or if I wait.  He's probably in the top 5 people I'd tell and his reaction will likely influence me as has Charlie's.  Earlier this week I let my friend Sarah know what I was thinking and she was surprisingly supportive.  Not that she isn't supportive normally but she has always been that friend we all have who doesn't sugarcoat ANYTHING and therefore if she doesn't agree with one of your ideas or choices, you know it. At fist she didn't get the whole "giving to a stranger thing" but once I suggested that if one of the kids or Rob or I needed a kidney and no one she knew was a match, she'd be wishing for someone like me to donate anonymously or she'd be waiting for someone else to die for it to happen.  That seemed to help her understand better. She told me she was impressed/humbled that I would even be considering it.  That really made me feel like I am doing the right thing by exploring this.
I think Charlie's lack of support on this is the one thing that is holding me back.  Hopefully this weekend there will be a good time to rationally discuss things.

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