Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Step One: Make the call

The fact that I used the phone voluntarily says something to my commitment to this idea. Last night on my way home from work I attempted to contact the coordinator at the Living Donor Clinic of the Southern Alberta Transplant Program. I ended up having to leave a message (no surprise-it was 5:30pm) but that's a start. It was enough of a start to get my heart racing a bit and make me go through the whole thought process again-something I am sure I will do over an over until a decision is made. It's an exciting but scary prospect after all-I could help save someone, or at least make their life considerable better. At the same time there are risks, albeit slim risks, of death (less than 0.03%), illness etc. Most of the risks actually fall in the "what if" category and there is not much good that can ever come from what-iffing.
I've decided that when these people call me back I am going to get all the facts from them and then worry about telling people or making a decision. For example, I don't know if they do the surgery laproscopically here as they do in many US states or if it will be a full incision (recovery time varies greatly between the two techniques. I've seen a mixed bag of opinions as to time off work required. And I guess I do want to understand what the risks are, here in Alberta based on their own experiences.

Interesting fact-the Kidney Foundation representative mentioned in an email to me that she has heard of one other anonymous donor in the history of the program in Southern Alberta. Wonder if I'll be #2.

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