Monday, November 8, 2010

Faxed the Forms!

Well I think I faxed the forms.  I stood over the fax machine at work for about 5 minutes before I felt awkward (I mean who faxes stuff anymore let alone 10 pages? People would have been wondering what I am doing!).  It appears they all went though though so I will wait to hear from the Transplant Centre again.

The one thing I am really not sure about is the whole travel thing.  While I don't mind travelling in theory, when you read the information and add it all up there are somethings that don't add up.  For example, the Kidney Foundation will cover 5 days of hotel stay and airfare.  Good right?  But another document says you cant fly for a month post-op (or maybe its 3 weeks but still...).  So let's say I  need to go to Halifax or Vancouver...fist of all I don't want to get stuck there recovering for 3 weeks-I'd rather do that at home.  Secondly if you are released from hospital after 3-5 days but cant fly for 21 but only have 5 days of hotel covered...where do you go?  And who pays for that?
If I could do it here or even in Edmonton it would be so much better.  I'd even contemplate BC or SK although the drive times are much further.  Its just not adding up but hopefully they have an answer for that.  Not worth stopping the process though.
Charlie still won't talk about it (he did ask me where I wanted my "Kidney Stuff" (the info kit) to go when he was tidying the kitchen on the weekend.  At one point I mentioned we'd eventually have to talk about it and he said "nope...just tell me where I need to pick you up from the hospital". least there is some kind of acceptance going on there!

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