Thursday, November 11, 2010

Test Day

Yesterday a little after my last post I got a call from the Transplant centre. I must say the coordinator has a perfect knack for calling me at my desk at work in the 5 minutes there isn't a soul around as well which is nice. Anyway they had received my paperwork on Monday and after reviewing it have decided I am clear for the next round in the process-the half day of tests at the hospital.  She had quite a few dates in the next few weeks available and after some quick consideration I've opted to go in Monday November 22.  This decision was based largely on the fact my boss will be in Montreal at CAAMP that day and I wont have to come back to work, be deep in thought about all this and need to chat over the cubicle wall with him about other stuff.  I just know I will be in a spot where I want to reflect a little while I work, rather than chat about work fires and office politics.

As for the tests, I am to arrive at the hospital at 8AM after fasting for 12 hours (I am sure my disposition will be delightful after that long without water or food).  They'll send me down for a whole whack of blood tests.  Once I am done those I can grab something to eat and then will go up to chat with the co-ordinator about the program and get some more consent forms signed.  After that I am supposed to go to get a few other tests like X-Rays, an EKG and a MRI done (I think??) and should be done no later than about 10:30 unless there are huge wait times for any of those kind of tests.  Then I assume they take a few weeks to review the results and determine if I can move forward.  Sounds pretty simple.
I still can't talk about this at home but I guess I will just keep trying (gently) and eventually we can have a discussion about it. That's the only frustrating/sad part about this...I wish I could talk about it with more than just Sarah and Crystal.  All in good time.  I know he loves me and does support me in everything which is what matters.

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