Sunday, June 26, 2011

Professional Help

This blog will be posted some time after it was written due to an outside directive to not talk about my living donor experience until after I have donated.  If you are reading this, it is because I have completed the donation process.
June 3, 2011

Today was my last day at work for awhile. I actually feel like everything was left in order and that nothing should "come back to bite me" while I am gone (that's the perfectionist in me worrying about that).

In reading other donor's blogs and stories online, I know a lot of them opted to tell very few people while going through the testing and maybe a handful knew once the surgery was confirmed.  While I totally understand the potentially private nature of this decision, for me personally the fact that I have told many people for a host of reasons has really helped. Especially in these last few days where my mind has started racing more and little anxieties about the surgery (and more so its aftermath)have developed, knowing that these people understood where my head was has been a bit of a comfort.

What I completely didn't expect is the send off I received today. More hugs than this "non-huggy" person knew what to do with. A coffee date where I thankfully got to distract myself with talk of cheesy late 80's sitcoms and fashion trends. Hand written cards from coworkers expressing their support and well wishes. Emails. Thoughtful gestures like a certificate for dog walking services (we recently adopted dog #2 a couple of weeks ago because I am a glutton for punishment). A pretty book mark for the books I'll bring to the hospital. I was ambushed in a late afternoon "Check in before I go" meeting with my boss. The entire extended marketing communications team was there with Crave Cupcakes and a gift basket full of things to heal and occupy me post surgery. Oh and I must not forget the card with a half naked doctor on the front. I especially liked how one of the bank's directors drew an incision mark on the doctor's shirtless chest on the left side. Not really how it works but amusing all the same.

With all that I have on the go and coming up, I've been a little more emotional the last few days-but I held it together.  I didn't really read the messages in the card until I was back and my desk and I'm glad I didn't as a few of them made me tear up. I never could have imagined that I'd have this level of support. I had been fairly confident about getting the time off from an HR perspective, but I didn't think on a personal level so many people (many of whom I don't really work with) would take such an active interest. It's just a reminder to me that in life just because I may not understand the choices some people make, or better yet I may not make them myself, I can always still show my support. I am very grateful to work with and for the people that I do.

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