Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here I go

This blog will be posted some time after it was written due to an outside directive to not talk about my living donor experience until after I have donated.  If you are reading this, it is because I have completed the donation process.

Early June, 2011 (morning)

I need to be at the hospital in about 3 hours. My stomach is pretty much holding a convention for all the butterflies in the world right now.  I still have a few things to do (namely walk the dogs and change the cat litter-I know-priorities).  I've had my "comforting" meal (perogies) and I am just about packed.  My phone number list is done, I have my "notification email" set up as a draft so Charlie can easily let people know tomorrow how I'm doing.

I would highly recommend to anyone doing this not to forget the admitting instructions at work.  After several phone calls and attempted transfers and a call to the Living Donor program, I finally know where I am going and when.  At first they said 4, then put me on hold and came back with a time of 2-2:30. I'm probably going to take the bus there which should be a fun adventure in itself.  That's not because Charlie is being a jerk, its because there is no reason for him to take time off work to drive me.  He'll come by the hospital tonight with Charlie Jr.

I am excited, nervous, happy, scared. Incredibly. I don't think at any point in this journey I've felt this level of stress, good and bad, that I'm feeling right now.  I hope it goes away because another 24 hours of this and I will self combust.  I don't think I've ever felt so many emotions at once. I wonder if my recipient is feeling the same way. Probably but about different things.

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