Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Personal Goal: Donate a Kidney?!

I bit the bullet today and finally told my boss about all this.  I didn't really know how to work it into conversation over the cubicle wall (not!) and calling a special meeting was a bit much so I somehow rolled it into my "Part B" meeting today.  Our Part B's are essentially where we set our goals and KPIs for the upcoming fiscal year at work.  So it went a little something like this:

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"Ensure 95% internal client satisfaction"
"Ensure 100% accuracy in all marketing materials"
"Personal Goals: Donate a kidney"

OK it wasn't exactly like that.  But not too far off.  We are supposed to set personal goals.  Every year I haven't and he's pointed that out.  Its not that I don't have them; I just don't see the need to fill them out on a form at work.  This year he anticipated my shoulder shrug and he made four up for me.  The first was very fitting although surprising.  He wants me to publish something.  An article, a letter to the editor or if I'm really a keener a book.  He seems to think I could do that no problem.  I told him about always wanting to start a blog but never being able to narrow it down to a subject that I would repeatedly have something to talk about.  I almost told him about this then chickened out.  After we discussed the rest of my goals (read a book I have always wanted to read but haven't and organize my schedule(?!?)) the meeting seemed over so I somehow awkwardly blurted out the "kidney stuff".  I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest! I dont know why but telling him was far more stressful than anyone else.
I can't really read what his reaction was.  He seemed so neutral about it.  Like he didn't know what to say or what he thought.  I kind of expected him to have an opinion either way but it didn't seem that he had one.  I know he must have one but I have no idea what it was.  He mentioned about confirming with HR that benefits wouldn't get screwed up but that other than that he didn't see an issue from a work perspective.  Just weird. Oh and he did suggest as an afterthought maybe the "kidney stuff" should be a goal listed on my Part B.  The KPI is pretty easy-in a year I either have two kidneys or I have one.

Next step...tell my mother somehow.

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