Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moving Right Along

I'm going to assume there wasn't anything extrodinarily disturbing about my renal scan results as I got a call yesterday from the transplant program social worker.  She was wanting to set up a meeting in the new year.  According to the "steps" outlines on the ALTRA website (Southern Alberta Transplant Program-not sure how the acronym fits...) I am getting pretty close to the end.  After the social worker, thre is only an MRI and then an appointment with the Nephrologist.  He or she will review all the medical, social and psych info again as they have the final say on whether or not I can donate.  However I think that outside of the MRI results, if I have made it to see the Nephrologist, on the surface all the tests have come back clear (otherwise they wouldn't be spending the money on more levels of tests).

Here is what I've done so far (I added psych in because he isnt on the list and he should be):
The social worker appointment is January 4th-she'll discuss family support, work support, any fears or concerns I have and I think this is when we discuss whether or not I want to be place on the national registry.  We'll discuss potential logistics with that too as travel would obviously be involved. I think I also have to consider having a medical directive in place in case something bad happens.

Oh and in case you are wondering, "Appointment with the transplant" if I recall correctly means "appointment with the transplant team" and I don't think that's actually me.  I believe it's the doctors swapping info (with potential receipients' doctors) and the transplant program making scheduling arrangements.

When I look at the list I am amazed in basically about a month I went through all that. If I do some quick math it was 2 urine tests (or as the stepson would say-"doing your business in some kind of a glass"), 6 blood test (well 6 pokes with a needle anyway..they tested more than 6 things).  I think I've answered the "why are you doing this" question about 4 times to medical professionals. I've sat in 7 or 8 waiting rooms. I have eaten hospital food three times.  Thankfully I have only had to fast twice. Fasting=headache for me and who wants a headache?


  1. Hi Lauren
    If you're finally accepted, will you be donating right away? There must be hundreds of people waiting, and the chances are pretty good that you'd be a match for someone...

  2. I think it would be in the next few months (say by March or April) unless a mtach fell through. I believe I will know more maybe after either the social worker or the nephrologist as to what the possibilities are. It also depends on if they do it locally or want to send me elsewhere in the country.

  3. This is pretty interesting information! That's a lot of doctor visits.